When founders David Fairfull, Greg Brine and Johnson Lin were working at the global social marketing agency We Are Social, they noticed something was missing from their creative strategies.

Where were the tools that analyse user-generated data? The tools that could learn from the patterns and behaviours of your unique audience? And why was the data not being used to automatically inform future marketing strategies?

By removing the barrier between data and creativity, Metigy helps SMB’s develop and maintain more effective marketing strategies.

The data existed but it was disparate and not easy to interpret, and even harder to transition into great ideas that really resonated with customers. It required resources and skills that most SMB’s lacked access to. Surely technology could fulfil this promise and it was obvious that there was an incredible opportunity to help both professional and novice marketers, the transition from analysing data to executing real-time insights and actions, using Artificial Intelligence. The inspiration and passion to empower all marketers and make marketing fun is a challenge we are really enjoying.

Johnson Lin, David Fairfull and Gregory Brine. Helping SMB’s is the ambition.

With a wonderful supporting team, we launched Metigy. Over 4 years we’ve developed 3 versions of the platform, but we’re about 1% done with transforming the marketing world. Our ultimate goal is to apply our AI-driven insights, actions, and solutions to all channels in the marketing stack. 

We’re obsessed with making marketing easy and fun! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. So come and join us and be part of the largest global community of forward-thinking marketers.

In 2019, Metigy partnered with Optus.


Awards and Recognition

metigy awards IBM, Optus, Australian Landing Pad, AMY Awards

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