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If you help small and medium business owners, become an affiliate with Metigy and earn a recurring commission on each sale you generate for the lifetime of their account.

About the Metigy Affiliate Program

The Metigy Affiliate Program allows you to market our suite of marketing tools, which have helped thousands of marketers create successful businesses online. Metigy’s intelligent insights, prioritised actions and practical objective setting guide help to focus your creativity and marketing efforts on what really works. We also support your referrals with interactive marketing education, tech support, and an ever-expanding suite of tools to keep them excited to keep using Metigy.
You set Marketing Objectives

Metigy helps you organise your goals
into actionable Objectives

  • Generate Meaningful Engagements
  • Grow your Audience
  • Increase Reach
  • Market your Product
  • Promote Brand Awareness
  • Convert more customers – COMING SOON!
Metigy Includes a Fully Integrated
World Class Execution Platform

Our fully integrated tools help you create,
plan, action and execute across the web
so you can go straight from an insight
to the customer

You Follow the Recommended
Actions and Insights

Metigy uses AI to power your brand
strategy and provided tailored real-time
Actions and Insights aligned with hitting
your Objectives

You Save Time and Learn

Using Metigy’s focused Actions stream,
integrated tools and MetigyIQ our tailored
learning environment you will save
heaps of time and master digital marketing

All the Marketing Tools your Business Needs, in One Place

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